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Would you like to join our fun and friendly team of Freelancers from all around the world?

Do you want to choose where you work? Maybe whilst travelling the world or from the comfort of your own home? Do you want to decide when to work and how many hours? Would you like to regain a healthy work/life balance in which you can enjoy valuable time with your family, for your passions, for yourself? Are you looking for a reliable and consistent source of income that will not compromise your individual life style?

Job Description

As a creative writer you will have direct communication with members of our online social communities using an instant messaging type software. The role requires creative, interesting, occasional erotic and always high quality engaging chat in a fast type environment. You will need to demonstrate the ability to follow instructions, multitask and be proactive. Communication is key!

What you need to bring

  • Native speaking level of English with error free typing
  • 25+ years old
  • PC / laptop ownership with reliable broadband connection as well as internet backup
  • Openness to engage in erotic dialogues
  • Minimum commitment of 15 hours per week
  • Good sense of humor and strong drive to succeed
  • Ability to work on a freelance basis

What to expect

  • Monthly payment via international bank transfer based on an above-average, performance based system
  • Training, ongoing support and performance reviews to ensure development, quality and best possible pay
  • A web based rota system for the flexible assigning and swapping of shifts
  • A legitimate and supportive working environment
  • Opportunities to grow within the company structure

Questions & answers

Working as a Freelancer

Working as a Freelancer gives you great flexibility and control. All you need to get is your business licence from the tax office. We only hire Freelancers with a valid business licence.

Work time and flexibility

You will provide your work availability 1 week in advance and shifts will be allocated to you. Working times are flexible and you can arrange them differently each week to fit around your life. Our web based Rota system allows for flexible assigning and easy swapping of shifts.

Minimum computer requirements

  • PC: Processor above 1.5 GHz, 4GB of RAM, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Mac: Processor above 1.2 GHz, 4GB of RAM
  • Linux: Processor above 1.2 GHz, 4GB of RAM
Do you hire both men and women?

Yes, we hire men as well as women. Your gender is not a requirement for the job however, you must be over 25 years of age.

Do you need my ID?

Yes, we need to see a copy of your passport or ID to identify you.

Will I be employed?

No, we only hire freelancers. For this you need to show us proof of your business license.

Can I work on my smartphone?

Smartphones or tablets are not sufficient. You must have a laptop or desktop in good working order, see Minimum Computer Requirements above.

English is my second language; can I still work with you?

Of course you can, as long as your written English is error free and your understanding of the language and the English customs is of a high standard.

Will I receive training?

Yes, Initial as well as ongoing training is provided for free.

Are the any fees I will have to pay at any point?

There are no fees.

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Who we are

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Katie, 28: "I love travelling and seeing the world. I also love people and their stories, having studied communications and theatre. This job gives me the freedom to move around freely from one adventure to the next and it certainly does satisfy my love to connect and speak with people. I find it super interesting, there is never a dull moment. And my travel funds never run out :)"
Michael, 61: "Living in Thailand and being semi-retired, life became a little boring. I needed some adventure, so I followed a friend’s suggestion. Being a creative writer all my life, this position has given me the freedom once more to connect with likeminded people, plus a good income, along with the flexibility of working hours. If you have a creative mind, I would recommend this work to anyone."